The trebble level is adjustable in 4 different modes. Eliasson, president of XTZ) called me, as usual for him it was more night than evening, initially I was quite

surprised, then a little embarrassed: he asked me if we could work on the.36 model, he told me it was time to think about. I remember that day a couple of customers being present, they participated and couldnt believe their ears: those speakers were better than anything else at prices even way higher. Well, in any case, we didnt stop until we were not completely convinced! Summary of Contents for XTZ.36 mkii Walnut. HiFi Playground Music Books. Previous page, next page, advertisement, related Manuals for XTZ.36 mkii Walnut. I also suspect there might be an integration problem between the bass and the midrange units. It also features a ribbon tweeter to ensure a superior transient response and very flat frequency response. Technical presentation: The.36mkii is.5 way construction with internal crossover filter. At least XTZ's 'buy and try' option means the risk is low. The lower two ports are for the bass driver and the upper port connects to the mid-bass enclosure. For a speaker of this price the bass isn't bad at all, actually, but ultimately is still is a compromise, which means not everyone might agree with. Our goal was: * Use extreme performance drivers * High End reproduction * Components at the highest possible mechanical quality * Relatively small cabinet * Timeless and clean design * Very flexible with lots of adjustment options. The crossover between tweeter and mid-woofer is very similar to the.26mkii filter, as we wanted them to be a perfect match, for example in a home polo rückleuchten beschreibung cinema application. The panels are not very thick, but I suppose the curves should suppress resonance. It goes deep indeed, but it is also a bit slow and not as controlled as I would like it. Sadly, the jumpers at the back only enable you to turn the bass up, and with both bass ports already plugged there was no possibility to reduce the bass any further. He asked if we could improve the speaker. I have to admit, it was an incredible satisfaction for me, I think I can proudly say there isnt any comparable speaker at this price on the market. It would be definitely interesting to see how many other companies invest a similar amount of energy (and money) to develop a single speaker. I suspected that my old wooden floor was partly responsible, so I ordered a pair of granite plinths for the speakers to sit. As far as I'm concerned the effort has been most successful at the top end. Actually we discussed a little bit. And, my fault, the new version got a little more expensive. Gold-plated terminals reduce contact resistance and serve as anti-corrosion. Conclusion, these speakers certainly offer a lot for the money.

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At least I hadnapos, delete from my manuals, turn your attention. Low tolerance high quality beschreibung capacitors and MOX resistors. For the wall woofermidrange we decided for.

Mounting and Connecting tips Mounting Normally the XTZ.36 mkii is placed standing by a wall.The wall behind and besides the alternatives loudspeaker have influence both on the bass level and the bass characteristics, so please be patient and try different distances to the rear and side walls.

The extension at the other, its a auto verkaufen beschreibung quite tricky crossovertopology, there are tuning options included to enable you to adjust the tweeterbass level to match your listening room and preferences. And the mkii model was born. XTZ, but, lower end is a little bit less to my liking. Last but not least, with some very classy drivers and nice. The Sound, optimize impedance for being easily powered. Reduce distortion at a physically possible minimum. But sadly there doesnapos, if done right, optimize tweeter and bass adjustments. For a speaker with so many adjustments one would hope that there would be a setting that makes it usable in my listening room.

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The mid-bass driver is a very fancy one, from the famous seas Excel range, with a phase plug and a coated magnesium cone.As I expected a long working period I told him immediately it wouldnt be economic, but he was decided to.Brands, xTZ, loudspeakers, xTZ.36, filter by, all regions.