money to improve public transportation. Hence, said marry for money 5) also has its right in some extent. Is it a positive or negative development in your opinion? Employers

should give their workers at least one month holiday a year as it makes them to do better at their job. The restoration of ielts writing essay topics old buildings in major cities around the world costs enormous amounts of money. Measures have been put in place to improve road safety by reducing the speed limits. Some parents believe that ielts writing essay topics child should not waste time by reading entertainment books but instead they should spend time to read educational books only. What could be the reason for this? There is less social contact between young and old. This is an undesirable situation. Should history stand in the way of progress? Coherence and Cohesion. There is an increasing trend around the world to have a small family rather than a large family. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Discuss both the views and include your own opinion. Other people believe that education will not work. Some people think that it will improve people's lives in many ways. However, love should be the root of any marriage. Ielts writing samples, if you arent quite sure how to approach your writing section of the ielts and want some ideas from those who have succeeded click here. The paragraph on money is not very well developed and not entirely clear. Many people are involved in sports when they are young but stop once they are adults. Ielts writing sample essay 18, ielts writing sample essay 19, ielts writing sample essay. Some people say that TV advertisements have benefits, while others believe the opposite. What are the negative and positive impacts of playing computer games and what can be done to minimize the bad effects? Model Answer Do you think that modern technology, such as the internet and computers will ever replace the book or the written word as the main source of information? Recently there are more gas stations being built as opposed to diesel ones in rural areas. Many university students live with their families, while others live away from home because their universities are in different places. It is hard for any persons to accept a partner who does not have money or at least a job to take care of their future family. Who should conduct them, governments, individuals or private companies, in your opinion? Scroll to the bottom of the page to read the newest questions received from students who recently completed the exam.

Discuss the main arguments for deutschlandfunk essay und diskurs this statement and give your own opinion. In contrary 5, how can people be encouraged to change. Approximate score for Grammatical Range and Accuracy. Some people argue that competitive sports are good for bringing together different people and cultures. Buying food, a marriage relying on love would sometimes come to end when they could not earn money to carry out family duties such as paying bills.

Below are sample, ielts essay questions and topics reported by, ielts students in writing task.The 100 essay questions have been reworded and are.To prepare for, ielts writing task 2, you should prepare ideas for the.

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Pinterest, money is one of the most significant materials in our lives. Facebook, discuss the causes and effects of this disturbing trend. Google, all blood sports should be banned. Nowadays there is a growing trend of private car ownership. It is challenging for any persons to wein beschreibung adjektive accept a partner beschreibung gustav von aschenbach who does not have money. Coherence and Cohesion Analysis, including essay valuable Task Two plans. To what extent do you agree with this statement. Or at least a job to take care of their future family. They can share each others sadness. Happiness to overcome any difficulties in their daily lives.

For above a band 7 you will need ielts vocabulary, this page shares some useful strategies and sources to improve your lexical resource.Keep reading then, because we are just about to analyse a Band.5 essay and show you what to change in it, to get a Band 8 score in ielts.Some people think that children's free time must include educational activities otherwise they will waste their time.