time tomorrow, I will see if I can scan my tables and send them to you. Reply With", 09:59 PM #8 Machtool, Yes I got that too, but there

are a lot of other tolerances that are not listed in my handbook. Are the other tolerances not in Machinery Handbook? A keyway has a N9 and the internal keyway has a j59. Your help at least lets me know where I was right and where I need to work a little harder. Results 1 to 14 of, 10:13 AM #1, dIN ISO 2768 mk tolerances, i have some drawings from Germany that use the DIN 2768 tolerances and I am having trouble understanding it correctly. Most of the tolerances use lower case but some are upper case, I dont know if that makes a difference or gleitschirmfliegen beschreibung an der winde not. You can find info on the DIN 2768 at the link below. I have several booklets on GDT and similar subjects but nothing on the european or DIN standards. M Reply With" « Previous Thread Next Thread » Bookmarks Bookmarks Posting Permissions You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not post attachments You may not edit your posts Forum Rules X Notice This website or its third-party. One of the internal bores has. The M6 is the tolerance for that bore and is not a thread designation. It gives 0 / -0.011.989 /.000 Regards Phil. You can also find everything you should need here at this link.cat/tg_rot*cqnxfu, basically, a small letter is the tolerance for a shaft and a captial letter is the tolerance for the hole. I was thinking of a Text book? Even if it was in German I could work with the tables or have one or two locals translate for. I didnt think that correct for a shaft but that is what is in my book. One shaft has a dim 25mm f9, a bore is marked M6 and to me that seems super tight, more than the part requires but I am hoping I just read the chart wrong. Reply With", 10:32 AM #12 Thank you all for your help, this has been quite an education so far but it does seem to follow a pattern and I am glad I have decided to follow up with. Anyone know of a source for a simpler explaination of these that is in english? I haven't used it, but the demo looks interesting. I really do need some reference that I can point to for these just in case there is any problem I need some printed version of these tolerances.

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44 PM 5, it doesnt offer everything I need but it does come closer than I had gotten by myself. Last edited by MBensema, the 43 on the h9 tolerance is definitely wrong. The following link is mounting and dismounting catalog that has tables in the back. Alkometal 53, i wish I had a copy of the complete tables I could email you. The capital H is for holes and all of those are 0 allg to a plus number.

General Tolerances to, dIN, iSO 2768, the latest.DIN, iSO 2768 -2 is for simplifying drawing and.By the way, DIN 2768 mk is a general tolerance.

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I do have a shaft dimention that is not on the dji chart. It does not refer to the diameter tolerances you are asking about. It would be 4 17 By the way. The internal bore with M6 sounds like its threaded. Charles Reply Wit" you have some weird tolerances on there 19 AM 2, a bearing catalog will meeres have a table with the tolerances. I thought I could get a head start and educate myself at the same time. Reply Wit"12, i didnt see where you got the 17 from. There are keyways and snap ring grooves and I just cant seem to find all the information I was hoping for in the MHB but I will keep searching.