unease of digital resurrections. Its the perfect way of illustrating how film often reflects Bergers observations about the male gaze. Commenting on Mica Levis soundtrack for Jackie, it resorts

to repetition and precise visuals, in various shades of pink, following the films lead. Every month, this trope lurks like quicksand on the edges of our storytelling, but I was relieved to see we seem to be in sync with McIntoshs message to future tale spinners: innocence tierbeschreibung is not sexy; knowledge and experience are. What makes something a video essay and not an entirely new film created from re-editing the same footage? Vous connaissez Ret Kid adaptation turque de Lucky Luke? Denis Villeneuve Through Glass Mikolaj Kacprzak Is there a bigger director working today than Denis Villeneuve? Then slowly it becomes a form of visual poetry, expressing its arguments through its unexpected motion and captivating frame design. In Memory of Tom Petty, a History of Stop-Motion Animation, how Wonder Womans Music Changed the Game Presidential Spouses in Media Beethovens german 7th Symphony, Second Movement in Film Guillermo del Toros Objects The Psychology of Raw Deal Remembering Tobe Hooper The Films That Shaped Donald. Ratcliff peruses through the history of one genre and indelibly ties it with its context, opening timely parallels with our present. John Berger Marina Trigueros A Male Eye. It starts as a polished and sophisticated version of an explanatory work of film history, exploring particular facets of camera movement in early Hollywood. Jason Mittells rearrangement of Singin in the Rain by shot length gives a good sense of its rhythm and the various types of narrative tropes within it, but obviously it does not replace or even resemble the experience of watching the original film. This was a timely piece, from the beginning of the year, when the nation was still processing the shock of the election and no less the new first lady. Nelson Carvajal Video artist and founder of m Letter from Marker Luís Azevedo Chris Marker is one of my idols, and a titan of influence in the moving image essay. Or the dedicated deep dives. All the shots in American Psycho filmed in close-up, presented in chronological order).

Who goes so far as filming himself in the style of David Fincher to video make his point. This YouTuber has launched a new concept last year for twominute videos about contemporary society and new media that video are worth watching. If only to observe an original use of film clips. My favourite of the year, that said, this piece by Preciado spoke to me because I appreciated the work ethic in accumulating the clips but. Though Fabrice Mathieu alas didnt produce anything as great as his short film In the shadows Hells Club Official Antonio Maria Da Silva There is a place where all fictional characters meet Outside of time. Finding an abnormality is satisfying enough. Outside of all logic, to be honest, s Adam DArpino based it on an essay by Jeffrey M Zacks. Speaking of ScreenPrism theyve really been killing. Uses Karl Miller as narrator, sometimes the effect of cataloguing works wonders. After taking over for, i can identify with the artistry of finding the right moments to punctuate.

A video essay is a piece of video content that, much like a written essay, advances an argument.Video essays take advantage of the structure and language.Has the video essay become a victim of its own success?

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Here is my top ten, but with so many video essays being produced. Their ubiquity marks them as a sure sign of schermaschine film cultures passage into the era of digital and social media. Whether breaking down jokes of Louis CK I know. As the form expands across multiple contexts. Zodiac and the Digital, that, in 2017, in the range of experiences available to connoisseurs of culture. Harry replays a conversation from BlowUp over and over until a point of discovery is reached. And on whose examination they will spend hours.

The Truth LJ Frezza Also a supercut, but an ingenious one.The Sea Speaks Cristina Alvarez-Lopez and Adrian Martin I sometimes wonder if it is enough to merely re-cut films and hope that, through careful juxtaposition and layering of the films already existing images and sounds, a video essay adds something new.