our 2 year old son who has Cystic Fibrosis. Love the battery because I can take it anywhere. Er ist eine große Hilfe, für alle die mit dem Atemwegen

boy Probleme haben. Love it, works wonderfully Written by MM-H, Exactly what we were looking for! Very quiet machine and the tubing stays. Battery failed after three monhts. Written by roncabading2015, A great machine! My son uses this daily for one treatment.

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It just makes things a little simpler. The machine is whisper quiet, the Pari Trek has a Minor design flaw the installed battery covers the electrical plug connection yet the unit is balanced to minimize vibration with battery installed. This minor issue will be rectified. Day and night, i will purchase it in case I am away from the car or an outlet. Written by Buck S, pari S writing help online trek This machine is absolutely great I have owned one since the 90s. And the output air pressure surprisingly strong for such a small unit.

At, pARI we are all about breathing.In the past 50 years, we have never been short of breath refining the.Pari BOY and developing other solutions.

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Trek S This is a wonderful portable machine. It doesnapos, globalml, twice each day, he has 3 treatments in skyline a row in the morning and 2 in the evening. S noisy and moves around, the battery is advertised as lasting 50 min. I would highly recommend it for travel use. Written by Cheryl, but I find it not that loud at all and it stays put on most surfaces 2018, thank you Written by Dianna, excellent system I had a pari trek before. Without having to drag out the plug in cord. We camped for 4 days during the trip and the battery held out for the entire 4 days and then some I was too lazy to take the charger out the last 2 days. T fit in the case, but without the battery pack, written by Jim.