more (smaller) non-interactive desktop heaps to be created. . On a Windows 2000 machine without Terminal Services installed, there is only a single session, and session space does not

exist. . Session image space loads a session-private creative copy of s modified data, a single global copy of s code and unmodified data, and maps various other session drivers like video drivers, TS remote protocol driver, etc. . The CoInitializeSecurity function returns an error if both the eoac_appid and eoac_access_control flags are set in dwCapabilities. Lets move on to the desktops associated with non-interactive window stations: these are usually related to a service. . Without hotfix 318942 installed, the size of session view space is fixed at. Wrapping up I hope you found this post interesting and useful for solving those desktop heap issues! . Desktop Heap what is it, what is it used for? Note that if you are experiencing problem number one above, the symptoms would usually only exist in one session. . An example window station name is service-0x0-22e1. Session Space layout: Session Image Space: s, session drivers. No default security packages are registered until then. The owner and group of the security_descriptor must be set, and until dcom supports auditing, the system ACL must be null.

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Session 2, an appropriate alternative beschreibung might be to use a securitydescriptor that allows Everyone. What are all these window stations and desktops in Session 0 anyway. And beschreibung the value should not be modified to address desktop heap problems. The default authentication level for the process.

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The three desktops for each interactive window stations are. The desktop belongs to an interactive window station and is a Disconnect or Winlogon desktop. Speaking in terms of desktop heap size. There are three possibilities, other franke GUI desktops, nearly all modern desktop operating systems include a GUI desktop. Each time acquiring a new luid. Which is unique for every logon.

If pSecDesc is a pointer to a security_descriptor, neither the eoac_appid nor the eoac_access_control flag can be set in dwCapabilities.RPC_E_TOO_late CoInitializeSecurity has already been called.