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bin 1984 geboren. There was dancing going schülerhilfe on all night. Es wird hier selten geraucht. Bei uns zu Hause wird viel gelacht. Note that such an inversion is not possible when the finite verb is a modal auxiliary : Es wurde die ganze Nacht getanzt. Februar 1977 geboren." Substitutes for the Passive: There are several ways to avoid a passive construction while achieving the same effect: "man This construction uses the active voice but still manages to avoid identifying the subject: Man kann den Wagen leicht reparieren. Simple Past, du wurdest gesehen. Der Diebstahl wird angezeigt. "sich lassen This construction often implies "können Der Wagen lässt sich leicht reparieren. Man schleppt den Wagen. Something must be done. One purpose of the passive voice is avoid identifying the active subject - "Mistakes were made" - but if we do want to retain that information, we put it into a prepositional phrase: He is snubbed by her. The Passive Voice in English: In the "normal active voice, the subject of the sentence acts upon an object: She snubs him. Er soll bestraft werden. However, the sentences can also be personalised so as to help the reader to better immerse into emotional states. Examples for these are: an emotional caleidoscope 2: klasse the virtual agent Greta 3 as an emotionally reacting listener. In a formal curriculum vitae, however, one might say, "Ich wurde.

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